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Donate today to help us save more animals in need! Every dollar counts.

Five Freedoms Farm, also known as F3, is an ambitious endeavor that keeps animal rescue at the center of what we do and further incorporates community development, social entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, and service learning. What sets us apart from other sanctuaries is that we are partnering with the Deaf community for the farm's creation, implementation, and operation. Why the Deaf community? We are both sign language interpreters: Nancy was raised by Deaf parents and is a native signer; Jessie has been a part of the community both professionally and personally since 1995. We both feel humbled by our connection to this beautiful and vibrant community. We want to celebrate Deaf-World and use our farm to show the broader community that being Deaf is not a deficit, but a unique and valuable way of living in the world. Our animal sanctuary will save the lives of animals in need while simultaneously increasing the cultural wealth of the Deaf community. We aim to become a vehicle that propels the passions of young Deaf animal-lovers, scholars, entrepreneurs, educators, leaders, and change-makers … all by way of activities and programs around animal rescue, care, and adoption.

Mission: to care for animals in need in a place that strengthens the Deaf community through its exploration of DeafSpace, entrepreneurship, art, community building, leadership, research and education.

We depend on you, our community of supporters, to help us save animals in need. Your donation helps to sustain the work we do and ensure that every animals gets the care he/she deserves. Join us today! We thank you for your contribution!